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22 (aug. 17th), they/he

im buyin clothes at the soup store

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▪ i try to like all tweets i see and i ask that you like mine when you can
▪ if i say/do something bad or out of line, please privately correct me so i know what im doing wrong
▪ i dont tag much unless i see it fit (i.e. nsfw, spoilers, bugs etc.)
▪ can get nsfw from time to time so theres that
▪ feel free to contact me! i like making friends and i want to try to talk to people more (dming is fine and there are more ways in the contact link!)

★= currently fixated on
bold= favorite

ace attorney
cavalier of the abyss
code geass
eyeshield 21
fire emblem
immortal regis
jojo's bizarre adventure
kimetsu no yaiba
lilith's cord
nanatsu no tazai
professor layton
tengen toppa gurren lagann
vast error

tag me in stuff with these characters!

bold= comfort characters
italics= its complicated
★= i talk about these ones a lot

ban (nanatsu no taizai)
berkut (fire emblem echoes: shadows of valentia)
caladbolg (cavalier of the abyss)
claire stanfield (baccano!)
cormag (fire emblem: the sacred stones)
elaine (nanatsu no taizai)
eve (nier:automata)
hashibira inosuke (kimetsu no yaiba)
hector (fire emblem: the blazing sword)
hiruma yoichi (eyeshield 21)
kamina (tengen toppa gurren lagann)
lelouch lamperouge (code geass)
ratio (hamatora)
shi-long lang (ace attorney investigations: miles edgeworth)
slaine troyard (aldnoah.zero)
taki suzuna (eyeshield 21)
trucy wright (ace attorney)

vent/r18 twitter: @KNlGHTERROR
toyhouse: Jyoustar
discord: cal#6007
furvilla: Jyoustar #37325
flightrising: Vladymir #75211

rp blogs:
suzaku (code geass)
inaho (aldnoah.zero)
claire (baccano!)
ban (nanatsu no taizai)